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Wow. I’m at 29,000 posts. That’s quite a big number. Don’t think I can count to that. But for reals. I’ve been on tumblr less than one and a half year? Yeah, I’m so not good at writing or speaking. But when I first got a tumblr I didn’t know what to do with it. Many have proven to me that after a while it gets pointless and delete. Every time someone deletes my heart sinks. I’m just in total ‘awes’. I mean this place is genuinely awesome. I just get addicted more and my so-called hiatus to study for my exams? Ha, they never work. I really like tumblr. Although there are so many people, things and places that I would want to be, have and go it truly accepts me for my silliness. 
I’ve met some awful people though, kidding! There’s so many wonderful people here. One who I have had the honour of becoming best friends with, some that share the same interest with and are able to put up with idiotic me fan girling over such small matters and many that I have interact outside of tumblr. I didn’t ever paid attention to being able to hold up a blog, and now my parents whine at me being at my laptop like…all the time! Haha~ I’m so grateful to those that enjoy and blog from me. To see that, it makes me smile. Knowing that strangers within strangers I’m being noticed it’s wonderful. I want to thank you all wonderful followers that enjoy my tumblr, it really is a pleasure to be at use. Haha! Happy February!

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  • 2 years ago
  • Feb 01, 2012